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Pricing Solutions
That capture your added value.

The purchase of an eye-catching Design Product is often driven by emotion. But what price are customers willing to pay for this emotion?

I can help to put the right price tag on your Design Product by determining its optimal price with a Value-Based Pricing approach.

From the Netherlands, I help businesses around the world to discover customer value and put a price tag on Innovative & Design Products.

Don't hesitate to schedule a call if you would like to know more about me.

Maarten Kalfsbeek

Maximize Your Revenue
With pricing based on willingness to pay.

Take Informed Pricing Decisions
Based on real customer data.

Increase Your Marketing ROI
By targeting profitable customers only.
How I Can Help You

Competitor Analysis

For each product (even new ones), users have a choice of alternatives. Your “next best alternative” and its reference price are the starting point for determining your optimal sales price.

I can help you to map your alternatives and identify your next best alternative based on value drivers.

Exploring Willingness To Pay

By inviting your existing customers or representative consumer panels to participate in a survey, I can provide you insight into the amount they are willing to pay for your Design Product above the reference price.

Trained by
Boston Consulting Group

BSc (with honours)
in Business Administration

Scientifically proven
Pricing Strategy

Specialized in
Innovative & Design Products
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Kruisbroedersstraatje 17-A
Den Bosch, Netherlands

Registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (63992574).